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Snow way I’m not getting my fish and chips

The Beast from the East has caused chaos on the region’s roads, closed schools, played havoc with the work of local businesses and generally caused mayhem in the region.


One business that has been affected by the snow is The Harbour View Restaurant in Seaton Sluice. Manager Waseem Mir took the decision to close its popular restaurant and leave the takeaway open for passing trade.


“It was a tough decision to make as people travel from across the region to sit in for the fish and chips experience at our restaurant,” said Waseem. “However, I had to take into account the safety of my staff and also those people driving here for their food.”


What Waseem didn’t take into consideration however was the determination of 92-year-old Gladys who lives in Seaton Sluice and ventured out for her regular fish and chip lunch.


Gladys walked in the treacherous snow and ice for more than fifteen minutes to get to her favourite lunch destination and then to her dismay found that the restaurant was closed.


“When we saw the effort Gladys had went through to get her lunch we couldn’t ask her to settle for a takeaway so we opened up the restaurant just for her.”


Gladys enjoyed her weekly fish and chip lunch and was treated like a VIP.


“We have a reputation here for good food and customer service but it’s people like Gladys who come here every week no matter what the weather who we are indebted to. It was our pleasure to look after her today. Despite the cold and snow, we’re all feeling very warm inside after seeing how much effort she put into coming to see us.”

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