A unique exhibition is about to open in Newcastle allowing people to see life in the city through the eyes of the vulnerable and homeless.

Through its partnership with The People’s Kitchen, the not for profit, System Gallery in Leazes Park Road has handed out disposable cameras to people affected by homelessness in the city. The results are striking and many of the photographs will form the exhibition which will open on 20th September with a private viewing and then the public access is from 21st September.

The exhibition, entitled “Invisible” sets out to give those affected by homelessness the chance to be creative and be seen as well as highlighting the work of The People’s Kitchen.

The idea behind “Invisible” was the brainchild of Gallery Director, Egle Dubinkaite and Curator
Jacob Zoob who had seen similar projects in London, the USA and Brazil.

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“When we gave out the original cameras and developed the photographs, we expected to see the stereotypical images associated with homelessness such as drugs, sleeping rough and mental illness issues,” said Egle.
“However, as well as documenting their lives and capturing everyday moments, they showed lots of creativity and humanity in the photos. This has helped to remove the negative attitudes associated with vulnerable people in Newcastle. As time has progressed, the photographs have become more personal and some really make you think long and hard.”

The pair originally gave lessons on photo composition, subject themes and general photography basics and now The People’s Kitchen have their own photo club which allows members the opportunity to discuss their shots and tell their stories both verbally and visually.

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David Yellowley, a trustee from The People’s Kitchen was delighted with the results and is looking forward to the exhibition.
“What Egle and Jacob have done is remarkable. We all take “selfies” for granted and probably don’t think twice about photographing our friends and our environment but when you are homeless and you have very little possessions or friends then it becomes a lot harder to express yourself through photography. It’s brought out a lot of positives literally from the negatives’


Photo shows Egle and Jacob in the gallery
Assorted photos from People’s Kitchen friends.

Fast facts about The People’s Kitchen

  • We provide a unique service for the homeless and vulnerable people of Newcastle
  • We offer high quality and relevant services to maximise positive outcomes for friends.
  • Our friends have open access to our services regardless of their personal circumstances
  • Our services focus on friendship, food and futures. (out of hours)
  • We can also provide basic essentials like clothing, showers and events
  • We are extremely grateful to the 1,100 plus sources that donate to us every year.
  • From large corporates to schools, churches and individuals, every donation matters.
  • Our 200 volunteers deliver a staggering 35000 voluntary hours per year representing a benefit in kind wage saving of £0.5m
  • A small donation goes a long way
  • The Alison Centre, 56 Bath Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5SQ (near St James’ Park)
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